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God says: 

Close your eyes

Whisper my name

And feel my love,

Think the way you want me to be

When you need someone,

I will be there for you in your mind

As a mother, as a friend, as a child, as a lover..

Just whisper my name in your heart.

My name is Esmaeil Rezaeian, 1972 - IRAN

I have finished my primary and high school in IRAN and i have completed my under graduate degree [medical doctorate (MD)] in IRAN on1997.

Curently I am holding master degree in  ophthalmology from National University of malaysia (UKM 2008), working as an ophthalmologist in ophthalmology department, zahedan faculty of medicine.

I am very interested to do research in the field of ophthalmology, here i am trying to share my experiences with others through this website and also get their opinion about them. i believe this is the only way to improve. remember:

"The candle doesn’t lose its light by lighting another"